Gowri’s Guide: 2020 A Year For Reset

Towards Personal and Business Growth

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! COVID has become a lemon which threw a wrench at everyone globally. We have accepted many paradigms shifts in our lifestyle which otherwise would not have occurred. The speed in which this shift happened is shocking. However, one great aspect of being human is we adapt to our circumstances and one who evolves, survives!

Transformation Driven By Crisis

My first direct experience in transforming business model during a crisis dates back to Sept. 2005, when disastrous hurricane Katrina swept thru New Orleans and made Louisiana uninhabitable. During this time, I was implementing an initiative to digitize the prescriptions at Walgreens which involved a change in the retail pharmacies’ workflow. Unfortunately, adoption of this capability was low as no one connected with the value it provided. The realization of the benefits came when thousands of people had to shift to Houston, and many mobile pharmacies were setup to meet the healthcare demand in the city as an aftermath of the catastrophic hurricane. Suddenly the unpopular digital prescription program in Walgreens became an overnight wild success. This capability enabled Walgreens to seamlessly serve patients despite the spike in demand with fewer resources. Walgreens had become the best prepared healthcare provider after this incident.

My Takeaways:

Walgreens was able to benefit from the 2005 unexpected crisis, only because of the fore-thoughtful investment in to innovation and to build core capabilities ahead of the market need. This strategy provided astronomical benefits for many years ahead by trailblazing the industry to redefine the way pharmacy fulfillment occurred.

We have seen technology driven digital native organizations taking over market share from century old businesses which has made about 50% of S&P companies to go extinct in last decade.

Taking advantage of this resetting opportunity in 2020 to reinvent business models is key for survival. Business models are broken in 2020. We need to rebuild with strong foundation that amplifies our core strengths and adapts to new patterns that are constantly evolving in our ecosystem.

We must believe in our purpose, stay focused and strengthen our core capabilities. While we cannot predict to plan for every step of the way to drive our mission, our resilience will help us to best prepare ourselves for the future. Another lesson, COVID has taught us is generosity and partnership are key for us to thrive, as we are NOT alone.

How 2020 helped transform Volantsys Analytics trajectory?

To make a difference you have to lead with a purpose. After implementing two major workforce restructuring programs in my prior career, thousands of people were laid off due to skills mismatch. I started Volantsys Analytics with a purpose to help individuals stay relevant with skills in emerging technologies. Our products help organizations to build their internal talent with data skills and methodology for diverse cross functional teams to build right AI solutions.

Our undeterred focus and belief in the need to address the following two core problems in the industry, helped us to transform consulting services to a comprehensive platform solution.

  1. 80% of analytics and AI solutions are not successful
  2. How to build right solution in a cost effective manner?

I have personally experienced these pain points in my role as the Head of Data Analytics and unfortunately I am not an outlier as these issues plague most organizations.

Volantsys Analytics Transformed Solution

Our people-centric Data Science platform solutions are carefully developed and engineered to reduce unemployment and increase chances for non digital native organizations to attain these benefits:

1. Build more data fluent workforce who understand data analysis, apply advanced analytics solutions to develop business insights and implement data driven solutions.

2. Improve Data scientists and analytics team’s productivity by engaging data savvy and agile business team to develop and deploy right solutions.

3. Track valuable business insights, analytics solution outcomes that are readily accessible across the organization to enable data to decisions.

4. Reduce employee turnover and save recruiting cost, improve overall engagement by developing a mutually beneficial environment.

I am so excited to share that we partnered with Microsoft sponsored Women In Cloud accelerator and hired more people during this challenging time to build an enterprise platform that enables organizations to accelerate their AI and Data science development while upskilling their workforce. “GET AI and DATA RIGHT!”

If our solutions intrigued you, please visit us at www.volantsysanalytics.com to learn more.



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Gowri Selka

Gowri Selka


Former Head of Data Analytics and Corporate Technologies for Walgreens Boots Alliance, currently CEO of Volantsys Inc, a Data Analytics Company